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GPS and HRM compatibility


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Hi Everyone,

I'd like to ask some advice please.


Recently got the Giant Neostrack GPS, and I want to buy a HRM for it. I have been using a polar gps watch with HRM, but would like the information integrated.


Would the Wahoor tickr @ R750 from Takealot work?


Both are Ant+ and Bluetooth 4.0. Wanted to see if there's anyone out there who has this combo?

Or if you can suggest other combos?


Thank you!



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Most Ant+ and Bluetooth HRM straps will work on the device. Have you tried to connect your Polar HRM (should be Bluetooth) to the Giant device?


if it works then i don't see why other makes of HRM's shouldn't work.


Thanks, My Polar HRM currently connects to my watch with RF, not bluetooth or ant, its a very old one. :-)

I'd like to get into this century... lol

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Hi guys. The Neos Track uses BlueTooth to talk to your phone App and Ant+ to receive HR. Cheaper BT only belts will not work.


Also, there's been a Firmware update since these shipped.


Please go to Setup - Network - Server - change to "global" and then log into your local WiFi. It'll auto update from there.

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