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Alternative tyres


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I know there are many "what tyre" threads, but the advice I'm seeking is rather specific. So please humor me.


I ride a 27.5 Trance and I cover approximately 5000km of loose gravel road per year. I am 50 years old, I'm no weeny and weigh 130 kg.


I have always used Continental "Protection" Mountain King 2.4 at the front and X-King 2.4 at the back. These gave good kilos, good comfort, good traction at the front, little rolling resistance at the back and nice stiff and strong sidewalls.


Lately I have been struggling to find my favourite tyres readily available.


What alternatives would you guys recommend for front and rear, both in 2.4. I seek good traction at the front, acceptable rolling resistance at the back, good comfort, good strong sidewalls, good kilometres and good availability.

I'm not to worried about price.


I understand that Maxxis may be good alternatives. What models?


Any other recommendations are also welcome.

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Please don't put a Nobby Nic in front, I had them on my Trance, and ithas grip, up to a point, and then it just breaks away in an unpredictable slide.

I used to ride mountain kings, and going from that to a Nobby Nic won't be a good experience.

At the moment I have a Specialized Eliminator on the front of my Trance, and it is amazing. A lot of grip, with very predictable breaking point and sliding habits. I have a 2.6 in the grid casing. With Specialized yiu NEED the Grid casing, anything less is too thin.


At the back you could look at the Slaughter.

I had a 2.3 slaughter at the back, it is a great tyre for long gravel riding and even did well on our enduro rides in summer. I think I'll put a 2.6!slaughter on the back soon.


I love the new generation of semi slick like tyres with proper sideknobs, and if you mainly ride gravel roads this is the answer. I swapped out the Slaughter for something with better knobs for our winter.


Continental and Spez widths are both narrower than other brands, so don't assume a conti 2.4 will be as wide as a Maxxis 2.4.

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I thank you all for the advice. I think I am going to investigate a Maxxis Exos Icon and Ardent combination further. I normaly keep a set of 2 rear and 1 front tyres in reserve. I live in Hartenbos and 27.5 tyres are not readily available here. I usually replaced a used spare tyre when I visited the Republic (anything north of the Swarberge), but lately I have started ordering online. Somehow it seems the Conti tyres fell out of favour, and one sukkels to get them.

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