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Specialized Camber/Stumpjumper Rear Shock Mount and Adapter


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Apologies in advance if someone has asked this at some point, I did search the forums.


I have a 2016 Specialized Camber and a 2016 Stumpjumper. The Camber has a "Brain" shock, the Stumpy has a non-brain shock. I prefer my Stumpy's rear shock, actually I prefer my Stumpy's whole shock setup to the Camber (it's fun).


I'd like to be able to experiment with different shocks, but everything on the local second-hand market seems to have a different mount to what's on my Camber. I don't know what this mount is called, but it seems to be *the* standard rear shock mounting system.


A website called bikeyoke sells an adapter which allows the use of standard shocks on a 2016 Camber, but these adapters, before shipping and customs duties, are about R 1700 (probably going to be about R 3000 all up as an estimate).


Does anyone have any suggestions on an adapter available locally that is this price or less? Am I wasting my time wanting to try out different shock options? Maybe I'm expecting too much of my Camber.

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The Spez mount is proprietary, but you can (occasionally) get hold of the damper bodies that fit on to standard Fox and RS shocks and will allow you to run a wider range of shocks.


Drop me a PM with the full details of both bikes and I'll see what we can find for you.

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