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What value for a record collection?


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I am contemplating getting rid of my vinyl record collection ( and maybe the cd’s too) and have no idea what to expect, I am emotionally attached to them as they gave me great joy then and I used to DJ in clubs back then, but they are just sitting there collecting dust.


It’s a bit of a mixed bag of early 80’s and early 90’s alternative type music, from Depeche Mode, to Sisters of Mercy, Cult, JAMC, Nick Cave, DeadKennedys, bauhas, Clash, Janes Addiction etc. a real mixed bag.


It is just short of 100 records now as I sold a bit in the 90’s. Are there any collectors on the hub who can advise me on how to to best go about this, they deserve good homes and would be lekker to have them appreciated again.


Any advice appreciated

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If you really want to get a return on your investment you should catologue each record and grade them and list them somewhere like Discogs.


That’s probably going to be your best bet.

Yes, this...or if you want the easy way, find someone who will take the lot for one price, or you'll spend days and days with bargain hunters and that is expensive.

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Be prepared to be disappointed. Think what your most collectible record is and then Google it on eBay.


You would probably do better selling to specific people on here that would appreciate the content more.


If I were still in the country I would totally be interested to see what you had to sell

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