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  1. Give that pilot a Bells...or two
  2. Congrats to Mr & Mrs Admin - may you be blessed with many years of love and happiness.
  3. Thanks all for your input on Customs Duty. It's still in the dream phase, but one has to plan in advance...
  4. What Import Duty is payable on bringing in a watch purchased overseas? Either via online shopping, or declaring in the red queue at ORT?
  5. Shameful display not wearing their medals..!!
  6. Thanks so far, mixed at best it seems, with more downside than upside.
  7. With the last post now more than three years ago I'd like to resurrect this topic. I'm considering moving my cell contract (with some data) away from Vodacom to Telkom Mobile, and at the same time discontinue my Telkom "landline" (since Telkom Mobile offers free Telkom-to-Telkom calls). What current experience/comments do Hubbers have on Telkom's cellular coverage and data coverage, both i.t.o. extent and quality? How does Telkom Mobile fare on International Roaming? How is Telkom Mobile's Customer Service? I still need to research call rates and out of contract rates, but any current knowledge and comments about rates would also be useful
  8. Problem solved, for the moment at least. I was able to reconnect the TV to our primary wifi router. I know this is very simple, but I have a personal history of a number of frustrating and costly battles with connectivity, so I was anxious to say the least, expecting the worst to happen again. Thanks again to all who have replied with suggestions and other information, knowledge has been gained.
  9. Thanks to all for your replies. I think I'll have a crack at the TV settings to begin with, and will then consider the ethernet cable if that doesn't work.
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