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What do you wash your bike with?


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Dilute mix of car shampoo in warm water.  Scrubbing brush, paint brush and sponge.  Always two bucket system, wet cleaning tool with water and shampoo, clean bike and then rinse tool in rinse water and repeat.  This lifts dirt off rather than just redistributing.


Having collapsed wheel bearings on a motorbike once long ago I never use degreasers or engine cleaners or high pressure washers near any bearings, i.e. simply not at all on bicycles.

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Everyone using sunlight liquid, clean green or car wash - seriously, look on Facebook for ecologics and make the change - toy won't be upset. I don't own shares in the company ! I'm just super fussy and really impressed with this stuff & it's very cost effective. And they're allowed to sell and deliver during lockdown...

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What do you wash your bike with? Any favourite/ recommended products for washing the bike, chainrings, etc?


I used NAMGEAR previously, but looking at the Finish Line products.




bought 5 liter containers .... so will probably be using it for a few years to come ....  :whistling:   :thumbup:

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Sunlight dishwasher, I commute daily over table Mountain and get thousands of kilometers out of a drivetrain. If I really want to see a sparkling chain for a day, I squirt a bit of engine cleaner on the chain. Many okes who does less mileage than me really make heavy weather out of cleaning a bike.

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Get yourself ecologics and use this for everything on your bike, kit and round the house. It's brilliant stuff, antibacterial, degreaser, and "green". It comes super concentrated and we use it in different dilution ratios for different objectives.



Ecologic is fantastic!!

Degreaser, wash.. alles!

then also for your tiles, mud (or blood) stained riding kit... removes it all!


I'v come to know Pierre personally and he's super passionate about his product.

rightly so....


it just works!!



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