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  1. I have done around 3600km with a secondhand SLX deraileur without any clutch problem, around 70% dirt and trails. Wife has a secondhand XT which gave problems and I serviced it using a Youtube guide and it has worked fine for more than a year now. Both always stored with chain tension off the deraileur.
  2. Thanks, really enjoyed the write up!
  3. The controversy re-activated the thread. The thread tickled my interest. My interest got me onto their website. Their story and products resonated. Sales made. No such thing as bad advertising?
  4. I rode the Rhodes Mem, Blockhouse, Tafelberg rd regularly on the weekends over the last two years (lockdowns permitting), with my son or on my own. Fantastic route and some interesting variety. From around 07h30 the route was pretty busy in decent weather and there were generally a lot of people out. In the rain it tended to be deserted and could be a bit eerie in the mist. Never had/ or saw any problems but as a disclaimer I do edc (for what it is worth while cycling).
  5. Been using Fugit for two years now, multiple punctures sealed without problems. Cheap and effective.
  6. RIP and condolences to the family. Sadly the sanction of arrest and prosecution with all of the delays and loopholes and opportunities for evasion seem to have little effect on preventing undesirable and anti-social behaviour. Given the level of respect for the state and it's institutions it appears that the sanction of business has become more decisive. My mates working in the UK typically had it written into their contracts that arrest for drunk driving was cause for immediate dismissal. This is the kind of sanction that South Africans understand and, if employers or businesses endorse this kind of behaviour the public can then vote with their feet. Companies, who are supported by the public need to reinforce their position on issues through the quality and behaviour of the staff that they employ. Maybe somebody could ask his employer for a comment?
  7. Not having an IDT I have been erging with a Concept 2 during lockdown, it got a bit dull so I decided to transpose my favourite ride to the erg using HR as a guide, this worked out to: 5 min warm up 5min at 160bpm 5min at 130bpm 3min at 160bpm 5min at 130bpm 27min at 160bpm 5 min at 170bpm hydrate 5min at 130bpm 3min at 160bpm 5min at 100bpm 10min at 130bpm 5min at 160 bpm 5min at 100 bpm 5 min at 160bpm 20min at 130 bpm got a bit dull and I can confirm that the bicycle sits much better than the erg, a day of arse ache followed, rode the route today, think I wills stick to this in future.
  8. I had exactly the same experience, 10 minutes in and it felt like I was being water-boarded, that sweaty buff sealed up properly. Will have to test the buff handicap vs free breathing when this is all done. I know that there are restrictive training masks which are supposed to optimise breathing/ simulate high altitude but the data seems a bit inconclusive.
  9. Thanks for the link, perspectives are shifting rapidly as we try to imagine what the future might be!
  10. I think that you are forgetting that other sectors, like the hospitality, leisure and travel industries have been decimated and will not recover nearly as quickly (some are already unlikely to recover) as the salary earner in a business which has had sufficient reserves to sit out three weeks without income and still pay salaries. Also factor in the loss in value in equities which impacts on both confidence and security for finance on spending patterns, we have lost at least 30%, some even more, and this will be reflected in larger value items and discretionary purchasing. This is purchasing power removed from the market. I do not believe that the effects of what has happened to date will be a once off 30% monthly drop followed by business as usual. The effects, whatever the extent will last at least 18-24 months as things stand now, any lockdown extension will further aggravate the extent and duration of the effect
  11. I think that there will be a change in purchasing habits across the board, some may not be as visible as others but given the write off of wealth and disposable income, whether it is through loss of salary, depreciation of equities, non payment of rental or dividends I think that there will be less discretionary spending across almost all groups and in some groups people will be slipping from getting by and meeting their obligations to no longer able to meet their obligations. For some consumers it may be cancelling holidays or putting off the decision on a new car or other purchase rather than not being able to afford to eat , I think the financial effect will ripple out far wider than than we imagine, particularly when you remember the downstream effect of each of these individuals change in purchasing habits and power.
  12. Dilute mix of car shampoo in warm water. Scrubbing brush, paint brush and sponge. Always two bucket system, wet cleaning tool with water and shampoo, clean bike and then rinse tool in rinse water and repeat. This lifts dirt off rather than just redistributing. Having collapsed wheel bearings on a motorbike once long ago I never use degreasers or engine cleaners or high pressure washers near any bearings, i.e. simply not at all on bicycles.
  13. Correct BATNA is to understand the absolute fall back, then you need to develop the baseline for the two parties and see whether there is an overlap where an agreement could be reached. This could be made up in a variety of ways depending on short term capacity, long term interest, cashflows and capital availability etc.
  14. I think that convenience retail, i.e. neighbourhood will still remain relatively strong, there is not yet a large threat from online like malls are experiencing. They also tend to be less busy and they are seen as part of your community vs malls filled with people from :elsewhere".
  15. I think you will see tenants, particularly commercial occupying much smaller space, this was already a trend with the economic downturn and WFH has shown even further opportunities for efficiency.
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