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Protective Tshirt and underwear


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Hi All!

I am looking for recommendations for protective/padded T-shirts and underwear. It seems pretty hard to discern through photos which offer the best and thickest protection. I am most interested in impact protection for big falls as they will be used for motocros, so I am not as concerned about restrictiveness at the cost of less armour as the bicycle guys are as I wont be doing any peddling! . The list I have put together so far of potentials after reading forum reviews is,





TLD 7850 - To me this appears to be the most solid with the most protection offered.

Alpinestars sequence
Leatt roost tee

Leatt Body tee Airfit

Leatt Body tee Air flex

Leatt Shoulder tee




TLD 7605

Knox defender MK3

Klim tactical

Alpinestars bionic


It would be wonderful ofcourse to be able to see these all in person and even try them on but ti my knowledge there is no where in PE where these are all stocked, let alone even some of them.

Thank you

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We are Leatt retailers, as well as Alpinestars, etc, down here in CT, and can ship; shout if you need assistance

Chris & Team

Flying Brick Motorcycle Accessories


021 510 6455

Flying brick is an awesome name!

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Leatt seem to make a rather nice DH vest - back, chest and shoulder protection. Saw Pottie modelling it at the DH this weekend. I have a Leatt Airfit moto vest - does a good job on the chest, back and hips. I removed one layer of pads front and back for bike use. Its reasonably comfortable but on a hot day you still sweat a lot...

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