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What would you replace your bike with ?


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If my MTB was misappropriated, I would replace with exactly what I have now, plus the odd few upgrades it has, Norco Fluid FS1


If it happened to the Gravel bike I would probably also go for exactly what I HAVE, Cannondale Topstone 105, simply because I only got it like 2 weeks ago...

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Its something I've definitely thought about. And while the old 650b trance is just fine. The way things are going. I should probably consider a mid travel 29er. Not that I really want one though. As a kort gat the ergonomically viable options aren't really that plentiful. Its more a practical choice than a personal one.

If I ever do go big wheels. I would want a smaller playful *** aan vang bike as well. My heart yearns for a good condition blinged out 26er. Something around the circa of when forward geo took off but the bigger wheels weren't that prevalent yet. Something thats snappy and not too slack. I'll Probably ride somnething like that more than a 9er. Unless I'm seriously impressed with the big wheels. I dunno. I feel like the prospect of having 2 bikes that different could be more fun than the single bike I have now that feels somewhere in the middle.

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For the MTB:

Pyga Hyrax

Giant Trance X

Norco Optic


For the Gravel Bike:

Giant Revolt Advanced

Dammit Bob, I forgot about the Hyrax and Optic till your post, and that Trance X, too many nice bikes ????????????

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