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Mountain Biking on Van Zyls Pass


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Have alluded in previous threads to a potential trip to tackle the infamous van Zyls pass in Northern Namibia. 


Things are now really starting to come together to make this happen, and all things staying equal, we will be offering an 8-10 day (including travel days) Nambia MTB expedition in the winter of 2021, the highlight of which will be a crossing of Van Zyls Pass. As well as some other epic riding along dry river beds in the Kaokaland, and the moon landscape outside of Swakopmund. Dates and pricing will be published in the next couple of weeks, once we have more of the details worked out. 


We have also made arrangements to do a recce trip in February 2021 to actually ride the pass, and figure out how much time needs to be put aside, and how much of the approach to the pass and the ride into the Marienfluss is rideable, before the sand becomes an issue. There will be an opportunity for 2 or 3 adventurous hubbers to join us on this recce - (you would need to pay to cover your direct costs like plane tickets, food and accomodation etc, but this will not be a commercial trip)


Having done the pass a few times on 4x4 trips, I know its definately rideable, although we need to go figure out how tough, or not, its going to be.


I have scoured the interwebs in the past 2 weeks trying to find info on whether this has been done before, but I cant find any documented reports, photos etc. Obviously, from a marketing point of view, we would like to use the idea of this being the first MTB crossing, but I wouldnt want to be disengenious about it. Also, if there is info out there from people who have done this before, that would be very helpful in terms of our planning process. If anyone knows of a trip like this being done before, or has links or info, that would be awesome if you would be willing to share. 


Looking forward to hearing from the community about this, is there interest in this, and so forth.

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Hi Guys,


Just checking in. Does anyone know of, or have information about a trip to MTB over van zyls pass being done previously? 


There is no question as to whether or not it can be done, its just a matter of organising the logistics for it... but if it has been done, I would really like to talk to the people who did it.

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Theres a single post there that makes referecne to a possible trip, and then no further details. But thanks for the suggestion. 


Maybe ask on the 4x4 community forum?

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Thanks, this was some awesome reading, and what a trip.


Not at all in the same spirit as what we have in mind, but impressive none the less. 


There goes my hopes of being first...... haha.

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