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  1. I believe his name was Colin. Think he surfed for Western Province.
  2. Are we only discuss the events that features a bicycle, or are we going to mention any other great performances by Team SA so far? Ps can we claim Flora Duffy's gold medal in the triathlon as she is currently living and training (to some extend) in SA?
  3. I would definitely be interested, hope you have not sold it already?!
  4. Was my first time at Banhoek yesterday. Those trails are super fun!
  5. I once cycled passed a car standing on the side of the road when the driver shouted 'please, help me'. I was cycling girl-alone and this was about 30km out of town. Decided to give the driver the benefit of the doubt and turned my bike around. For a minute or two it did feel like I was doing the stupidest thing in the world. Driver said it felt like an epileptic fit was coming on and could I please take her to the nearest hospital. Loaded my bike in the back of the car and then drove her to hospital. Was rewarded with a really nice bunch of flowers
  6. This guy did it by bike: http://www.swedentoafrica.com/namibia-part-1-kaokoland-and-damaraland/
  7. Also back in it after recovering from my little accident! Found the shifting and braking a bit uncomfortable this morning on the road bike with the dislocated finger, will have to opt for the mountain bike until all is healed.
  8. Might have broken the GoPro! Definitely getting one of these for WHENEVER l leave the house by bike: https://www.amazon.com/Nutcase-Metroride-Helmet-Technicolor-Medium/dp/B01K0OT2MM/ref=sr_1_28?keywords=nutcase+helmet+adult&qid=1556539927&s=gateway&sr=8-28
  9. It all started with us riding around the block in order for the dog to get a bit of a run. Fiance felt the urge to start racing us (me with one hand on the bars and the other holding the dog's leash + being pulled along by a whippet makes you go nice and fast). Flip flops slipped off the pedals when the gear slipped and I had no way to control the bike riding with one hand! Ended up taking out a sprinkler, baby tree and landing with my face on a stone = bad concussion.
  10. Had a bit of a mishap riding around the neighbourhood this past Saturday. No commuting for me for the next three weeks
  11. Great, thank you very much for the info!
  12. I am looking to buy a second hand fork from Randfontein area. Is there a bike shop any hubbers can recommend that can check out the fork for me? Would like for someone to have a look before I take the plunge and buy it all the way from Cape Town?
  13. My one commute got logged as canicross! Obviously a thumb error, but why the need to make an endomondo category for running with your dog (I had to google that).
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