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SRAM Level TL Brake Lever Pin Issue


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Ahoy hubland.


I've got an issue with my bike's (2017 Trek Stache, stock brakes) SRAM Level TL brake lever. The pin which fixes the lever to the body (circled in red below) is loose, and walks out during rides. I can press it back in with my thumb usually, and luckily the lever's return spring tension causes it to rotate slightly and jam into the hole, stopping it from falling out completely.




This is obviously no bueno, but I'm not finding a lot of advice or information on this on the intermatronz. Its only the one lever doing it, and judging by the other lever this should have some form of retaining mechanism inside as that pin rotates too but doesn't walk out.


Is this a replaceable component? Common issue? Recommended fixes?


Thanks in advance!

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There's a grub screw that holds the pin in place between the lever blade and the bar clamp. Tighten that, problem solved.


Edit - I see it's actually a clip on that lever. The only place you'll find that is in a lever rebuild kit.

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I'd suggest getting the bike to a SRAM service centre in JHB and have them conduct a full service on the brakes. I reckon you probably need new piston seals and pistons by now if hte bike is indeed 3 years old

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