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PC Upgrade


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Firstly, I'm not a PC guy and I get lost in all the new specs.


My desktop is from 2012 and has a Sandy Bridge i5 2400mhz.  It's got 8gb DDR3 RAM, an SSD for the main system (plus extra HDD for all the other stuff) and a 1050Ti 4gb GPU.

It works pretty well and I've been mostly happy with it, but recently I've been noticing it taking some strain from two things.  The first is trying to play FS2020 - its a bit jittery and the graphics have to be on relatively low settings, which takes away from the visual feast it's meant to be.  This is worse when its cloudy at around sunset time - it gets bad.  

The second thing is that my wife is now using it as her work computer since she's now working from home.  Her work laptop is a serious brick and its much easier to use our PC.  But she uses 487 Google sheets at the same time as online accounting and Zoom and I can see it causing the PC to struggle.


Now I'm wanting to improve how it works, but I'm not really sure what to do.


I've been looking at upgrade kits on Evtech - i5 10th Gen 10600K with 16gb DDR4 or maybe a Ryzen, but I know nothing about these.

Or do I get a better graphics card?  

Or do I try to find some DDR3 ram from somewhere?  


Will upgrading the motherboard and processor actually help?  Or am I just throwing money away?  

I'm not sure what to do to improve it.  

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Not the expert by any means, but I recently went through this exercise myself.


I had an i7-2600K, GTX570 and 16GB RAM setup, which was getting long in the tooth. Admittedly, I don't game all that much, so it was still doing the bulk of my tasks fine, but video editing was becoming a pain.


Then FS2020 got announced and I was like, heck yeah, upgrade time, so I got myself a Ryzen 5 3600, GTX 1070TI and 32GB RAM upgrade, oh, and a NVME SSD (holy hell this thing is fast). I bought some of it second hand, and some of it new, and all in it set me back around R13,500 over a couple of months.


Your PC is quite old, and I wouldn't bother spending too much money on upgrades. If you popped in another 8GB of RAM (which can be had for cheap) she'll manage with her Google Docs and Zoom I'm sure, but for games, not worth it.


Also, FS2020 is super super super pretty on full settings, just saying...

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Upgrading your current PC is not worth it in my opinion unless you are on a tight budget and don't have any other choice.... Then your best bet is an SSD as the main harddrive, more ram and a better graphics card.


If you do have some cash to do an upgrade, I would suggest you do so. You can always sell your old components to help fund the new components.


There is a site called carbonite where you can pick up components at great pricing. I have been a member on there for years and have a great trust factor.


You can pick up an i9 9700 for R3,500 new. Then just need a motherboard, hdd, memory, gpu and a cpu cooler and you are good to go. Also, you might need a better powersupply depending on what you currently have. Can end up being quite costly but a decent upgrade will last you for years.


Been building my own PC's for years. If you want me to assist with sourcing parts, selling old parts, building the new PC, advising on upgrades etc I am more than willing to do so and also free of charge as it is like a hobby to me. Just send me a DM and we can chat further if interested.

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it depends on budget and needs. For me ungrading pc is quite entertaining, I like spending time researching parts and putting the build together. Plus I found reliable supplier of electronic details and complex systems here https://eltra-trade.com/catalog/baumer-sensors. They supplying industrial automation equipment at affordable prices throughout the world.

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