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My thoughts are isn that 3 bike shops wouldn't be enough for some people who want their stuff done 'now' in a small town with a single bike shop that does year around business for the locals. We have a place in Plett and I'm sorry but the way alot of December holiday makers carry on is a joke. The level of entitlement is staggering. I've always found the main shop to be decent, reliable, friendly and have always treated me honestly. They try to make a plan if they can. Unfortunately when December come around there is such an influx of people that they are pretty much booked out from the word go and some people get very frustrated.  


I would guess another bike shop would do well at that time of the year but you're more likely to find a couple of local one man bands doing service and repairs as it might be seen as stepping on the toes of the local guys to come and put up a stall. the industry is pretty small. 

There are more than a couple of shops in Knysna and that is about a 20 min drive down the road but more often than not people are more happy to complain that that the one shop in town is too busy with other peoples bikes rather then get in a car, drop it off and get it done. 


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there cant be a spaz store in Plet for the same reason there cant be a class-A super mall with all the branded clothing stores you could dream of.  There just arent enough people to keep them going or make them viable throughout the year. They'd make more money running a marketing campaign/deals in October to promote bikes getting serviced wherever before travelling on holiday.

And i mean if your bike needs a service in the 2 weeks you are on holiday, you are either riding 200km+ a day or you didn't plan very well.

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Plett is struggling to survive 11 months of the year..... Seriously. It has been on the ropes for ages.


Opening anything in Plett besides a liquidation and/or money lending business would go against most people's better judgement.


I say this with love as someone with very close ties in and around the area who are/have been struggling

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The subject line is about a new Specilized store in Plet. I sure if there another store they have enough business. I can’t say I know much about the service or holiday makers who account for 80% of the total population in the upmarket houses and apartments. What goes on in the other stores is not part of the discussion as customers can as I say “vote with your wallet. “


Sorry my mistake, you seems to have an axe to grind about Plett store with this post (and in the green rude one) saying things like 'honourable' and a fair bit to say about the 'other stores' and finish it of by directly referring to the other places with 'vote with your wallet. 


So if we're sticking to the original post and subject line... 


- I doubt your stat' of 50% of bikes in Plett are Spez. 

- I'm pretty sure Spez have certain terms and conditions for the representation of their brand regarding premises, branding and fit out so doubt it would be financially viable to kit something out for a max 4 week period.

- I'm pretty sure the various bike shops closer than PE have thought about that and haven't done it for a reason. 

- You'd need to ship a lot of stock up from you main store and have to double up a lot of stock to take it up to Plett and have it there with not guarantee it will shift. 

- Taking one or more mechanics from your original shop to the temp shop in Plett will leave your main store low on people and then your regulars might get annoyed that you're providing the right service to your majority customer base. 

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