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Thule roof racks: Evo vs Rapid clamps


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Hi all,


I'm looking at my options for a roofrack system on a "normal roof" car. I've done the Thule-online-fitting and more or less know which direction to go. The new systems uses the Evo clamp - which is a replacement to the older Rapid System (?).


What I can't find anywhere is whether the car/brand specific foot kits are backwards compatible? I.e. does the Evo-compatible foot kit work on a Rapid clamp?

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Seems like the foot packs are interchangeble .... which makes sense, as it has to work with the same types of cross bars ......





Please let us know once you have confirmed.

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I have 753 rapid system kit with wingbar evo’s and the the 183069 boots. The boots/car kit has angled fixing plates that sit inside/ontop of the rubber boot and has various hole configurations where the 753 bolted onto it. Mine used only one set of the holes so I’m assuming the other holes are for other kits so i guess its all cross compatible/modular ....if that makes anything more clear lol.


Edit: they all take the same cross bars, the boot that gets fixed under the clamp is car/ foxing method specific. My car can take two different kits, the evo clamps that take the boot that fixes on the inside of the door sill, or a rapid system clamp as already mentioned that takes a fixed point boot that bolts into the car’s fixed mounting points in the gutter on the roof.



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  • 3 months later...

Apparently not .. well not the footkits, i.e. the vehicle specific rubber bits between the clamps and your car, got updated with the new Evo system. So while the bars and clamps can mix and match, the rubber bits are a bit model specific. Got the whole system, through Thule (bars, foot kit) and second hand clamps... everything worked well until the rubber foot kits didn't fit.

What makes it worse is that I specifically asked Thule if X will work with Y and they said yes. Luckily, that means free returns. But that's what you get when you try to be cheap going 2nd hand... ugh.

Ranting because the week was too long.

Fisan, out.


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