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Stolen Bikes on FB Marketplace

Nico van Loggerenberg

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Hi all, just wanted to ask whether anybody has figured out what to do when seeing bikes that appear stolen on FB Marketplace? Oftentimes I can't find any mention of these bikes on bikehub or anywhere else (they're not listed as 'stolen') but they're just too fishy. Reporting on FB doesn't do anything. 

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I think the shear quantity of stolen bikes that get sold there is what is preventing anyone from doing anything noteworthy about it

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I would suggest to start posting any links on this thread to alert all people.

Not all are on FB marketplace and getting a heads-up would help all.


Or perhaps Admin can initiate something. Reality is, this problem is going to become much worse for all. These are mostly syndicates operating, and anything we can do to disrupt their work will help.

Secure your garages, insure your bike, lock it even in your garage etc.


Challenge is though, from what i have heard, is that most bikes get transported across the border. How that can happen in bulk and not raise eyebrows (yes we know how), but that it is financially viable is not clear to me. There is hardly a market for decent bikes , never mind the financial power, and most bikes become commuters to the poor.

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