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Flying shortly after endurance event


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I did the 3 day Sabie experience pre ride this past weekend. Drove straight back to JIA uhm sorry ORTIA to fly to Germany.




Issue is that upon my arrival my calves and ankles were pretty swollen and sore! This despite the fact I did get up and walk about a few times during the night.




Any suggestions to prevent that?

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Ah!! You suffer from a medical condition called DFFLS (dreaded flying feet and leg syndrome.)

I really isn't a problem as a frequent long haul flyer I find if I sleep upside down with my knees bent over the headrest of my seat I arrive on the other side with normal sized feet.


However, my ears, nose and lips tend to be a bit swollen..........but that's because the oke next to me keeps klapping me to stop me snoring.


As for the swollen calves, that is unavoidable when flying cattle class.......upgrade to business class or fly with little goats instead, although the kids might annoy some of the other passengers............ 
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