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Don't Scrap That Floor Pump Just Yet!


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I've had 2 pumps fail in that when pumping my road bike tyre to around 7 bar the head pops off the valve. Some fixes suggest replacing the o ring but no joy. I found this pump head at Decathlon and despite being skeptical it works 100% and it's good value at R159.00 considering the price of a new pump.Screenshot_20231223_183537_Chrome.jpg.397ba5a60a2a05f745b4ffe453789183.jpg

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I also restored a floor pump a few years back (still going strong) with a Ryder head and hose replacement. Crown cycles did it for about the same price. 

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I own an Airace, these guys have won countless awards….

mine has patented head, handles 4 different styles of valves. It also can bleed 2/3 psi! . Shock and tire compatibility. It features an angled aluminium shaft, no plastic cramp here. Thin on top and gets bigger at the bottom, so no rocking, stable performance. Still pushing solid bars, I will not surrender her. She lifts me up. See what I did there <

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On the subject of foot pumps - 


My staff borrowed my old-but-not-cold Ryder foot pump and now my foot pump is suffering from some severe sticktion and is officially old and cold. 

I have a Lumeo wireless pump but I also just want a good quality foot pump for when I need to give something a couple of squirts. 

Any recommendations for a slick and smooth foot pump that doesn’t go R800+?

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