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  1. I think the sunglasses is a thing LR started recently. Meaning, his earlier videos he just have his glasses on. Maybe he is training for hitting the trails and going into a forest with non-photochromic glasses?
  2. Honest question: when doing these club rides with a support vehicle, should the cyclists be single file or can they be 3-4 abreast taking up the whole lane?
  3. Can this be followed with a "kiekie" with your steed on your couch? Preferably with slammed stem 😆 Edit: Congrats and many happy puncture free miles!
  4. Now I have seen it all! Not feeling guilty about my fanny pack and/or bar ends anymore Nice pic!
  5. Watching this live I thought he did not really hit his head but made a front flip as in the first image... The second image shows why he has concussion. And then the bike in 2! Yikes!
  6. Yes, please! I'll have mine in any color with a 2 x setup
  7. The hub made up my mind for me, thank you! I am going with the Checkpoint...
  8. My mtb’s frame is in such a way that she is not safe to ride. But that is worth another post. A friend then gave me the option of doing the race on Saturday on one of his bikes: Santa Cruz Blur AXS built, or Trek Checkpoint SL7 I get excited when thinking of doing it on the Trek, but doing hopefully less than 6 hours could hurt the body on a bike type I have only dreamed of riding. The Blur would be a more comfortable ride and could that then translate into a stronger finish than on the gravel bike? What would you ride? PS: I’m an undercover roadie #RoadiesUnite ????
  9. Knowing the OP I can give my observation: Fit gent not heavy riding his dual suspension regularly and also looking for a road bike now. He has had several bike fits.
  10. Get a 38T and pair it with an e*13 9-50T. Spinning out where exactly?
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