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  1. Yep, wheelied home as per picture 😆
  2. Yes, please! At 80 RPM that is almost 4km/h faster then the 10T.
  3. Of course! #MulletPower is a thing. My guess is at least 40 Watts advantage!
  4. I believe that is below his FTP, hmmm, {insert he has to up those numbers meme here} 😂
  5. I think I know which shop it was that made you start this poll. Somewhere in Pta East?
  6. Cool to know and good luck to them. If in Gauteng my suspension goes to Jacques at Cogent. Before he was here, I used to courier my shocks to Droo.
  7. Looked baie eina! He sort of bounced before skidding!
  8. Louis looking good finishing with the favorites!
  9. I bought the frame from a fellow hubber and OB from Epic Sports built it with parts from my previous bike. Her name is Frankie and my wife is sleeping in the spare bedroom. This roadie now has a mtb!
  10. ^^ this, please! Let us all embrace this!
  11. I think the sunglasses is a thing LR started recently. Meaning, his earlier videos he just have his glasses on. Maybe he is training for hitting the trails and going into a forest with non-photochromic glasses?
  12. Honest question: when doing these club rides with a support vehicle, should the cyclists be single file or can they be 3-4 abreast taking up the whole lane?
  13. Can this be followed with a "kiekie" with your steed on your couch? Preferably with slammed stem 😆 Edit: Congrats and many happy puncture free miles!
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