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Hey Hubbers! 

Recently, we've become increasingly concerned about the spike in muggings and violence, particularly along the N1 section that many of us use to get to town, Camps, Hout Bay, and southern suburbs. 

After some thought, I would like to try a proactive step towards enhancing our safety and security on the roads. I'm in the process of creating a WhatsApp group specifically for cyclists in and around Blouberg. The goal is to provide a platform for us to connect, coordinate, and ensure a safer journey for everyone.

**Why a WhatsApp Group?**
While I understand that WhatsApp groups can sometimes be overwhelming, I believe there is tremendous value in creating a space where we can look out for one another. This group will serve as a quick and efficient way for us to share our plans, coordinate rides, and, most importantly, increase our visibility on the road.

**How Will It Work?**
The idea is simple. Cyclists can post a message indicating the time they plan to head into town, their approximate location, and an estimate of the average speed they intend to ride. By doing this, we can form impromptu groups and ride together through the potentially risky areas. Once we pass the hotspot, we can choose to continue riding together or part ways.

**Sticking Together for Safety**
I understand that the presence of a group may not deter all potential threats, but there's strength in numbers. By sticking together, we can create a sense of unity and deterrence, making our rides not only enjoyable but safer.

**How to Join:**
If you're interested in being part of this safety-conscious cycling community, please drop a comment below or send me a direct message with your contact number, and I'll add you to the group.

Let's come together, look out for one another, and ensure that we can continue enjoying the freedom of cycling without compromising our safety.


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