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Any ideas on Training, PLEASE!

Racer X

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Has any one got any ideas for me regarding my training. I am an newly sponsored MTBer and have recently aqquired a road bike, Most of my training is done on the road (4 out of 6 days): 1 Endurance ride a week (180 Km), 1 set of Hill intervals (I ride up and down a 9 Km hill 3 times doing 2 minute intervals with a 2 minute break in between each one), 1 Rest ride a week (1 and a half hour just riding around roads close to my home) 1 medium length road ride (80 Km) and 2 Medium length MTB rides (50Km).




Monday -        Rest

Tuesday-        Hill Intervals - (27 KM) 80 to 100% Max heart rate (MHR).

Wednesday-   Rest Ride - (+-45Km) - 65% MHR

Thursday-       MTB Ride - (50Km) - 70 to 90 % MHR

Friday-            Medium Road Ride - (80Km)  70 to 80% MHR

Saturday-       MTB Ride -  (50Km) 80 to 95% MHR

Sunday-         Endurance Road ride - (180Km) 75 to 80% MHR


Plus 265 Crunches every morning


Total weekly Milage: 432Km


Many Thanks 
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Get a coach and structure your training towards specific goals.  Contact Bikemax (either on here or through there website) and see what options are available.


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MMMMM, jy superman of spiderman? Ek weet jy is nie batman nie, want hy was maar net 'n mens! Wink

Meer Bikemax se afdeling.
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Thanks Linnega / Fanie




Underwd - we have some great online options and can certainly help.


Mail me at peteratbikemax.co.za


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Windbreaker - Nice idea but I don't want to push my luck, I have just been given a 20 grand frame, lots of supplements, wheels and lot of support, come to think what is your bank balance like, want to get me one or do you have a spareWinkTongue 

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