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Brake rub on rim


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Got an issue with this and before I go back to LBS for 3rd time with it, thought I'd consult the collective brains trust.


New bike with Ultegra brakes - after 8 or 10 stops on a ride the back brake rubs on the rim.


The distance between the blocks remains the same on release ie it's not the cable sticking, so the whole caliper is moving onto the side where the cable comes in.


LBS has tightened where brake attaches to frame and allen key fitting on top side of the brake.


Any ideas on what to do next?


LBS seems bemused
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Does the brake have a little knurled nut where it contacts the frame? I think the newer ones don't and this doesn't help to keep all in place.

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There is a nut with shallow "teeth" but I couldn't get that to move.

Otherwise the brake is fixed by an allen key fitting through the frame.
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theres a small allen key on the right hand side at a 45 degree angle to the wheel, that adjusts the side to side movement of the pads, if that is coming loose( and i've heard of them adjusting themselves), then it can cause the problem you're describing.

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