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I'm here' date=' can't you see me?
Why won't you acknowledge my exsistence?
You've let the lane to the left of me go twice,
while I've been waiting here, waiting for you.

I'm in the right lane.
It's the correct lane to.
Is it because I don't have a shell?
I'm human, I'm here. Why can't you see me?

If a fellow human were to join me in this lane,
with their shell, and all its weight and presence.
maybe together... together we could get your attention.
Or maybe you would just see them, and I would be in their way.

I'm stuck here under your little red arrow,
with a new batch of shell carriers every 56 seconds,
none of them want to turn the way I do
me and my little bike can't get your attention.

If I waved my arms would you see me,
and release me from your traffic light trap?
Or do you only see those that travel in their shells.
You'll never change...

Screw your rules.


ok I get it - very good, and it applies! Clap
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like a techno listener am i sitting




Legend...you sure it's a techno LISTENER???LOLLOLWink

defintiely not sure. no ide to say that in english. please teach me!


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Legend is that you in the pic??? And ZippIt...no - a pie-pot is the more rounded shape, but nice try!


But JAAAAAAAAAAWacko..."hoer" translated is def. NOT "listener"LOLLOL oi...english people!
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CVANC:Clap Wow..that was quick!


I'm beter at love poetry - this is hard work. Ouch


Makes two of us, but must say the Hub one was quite fun!
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uit my duim uit gesuig, dis wat!LOL 

think the only other time i've written such a short poem was in grade 3 when i wrote something about shoes! (heheh...still know that one by heart - my first poemEmbarrassed)
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ek kan my eerste een ook onthou, love...what is love, love is itself and nothing else....


ek gaan nou stop; julle het genoeg gehoor. lol
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Ja, moet maar liewer nie aangaan nie! You are never going to hear the end of it if you do.LOL 

You can bring your other poems along on SundayEmbarrassed
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