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Medals you dont have...


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Really want the...


1. Tour de Lesotho- next year ur mine

2. Cape Epic


than also a jersey from any Tour that i competed with.
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Tour de Lesotho

Race up Sani pass (and back)

Panorama 4 day in April

Paris Brest

24 Hour in Utah





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Perhaps a Two Oceans medal? Funny enough I don't really want to do Comrades but that may change one day. Other than that a Kona Ironman medal would be the ultimate one for me.

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Got a 24 Hour Worlds medal, still want a La Ruta and the race from Kathmandu to Everest Base Camp, not sure what it's called though? Anyone else know?

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Swazi Extreme (Adv race)



You gonna have a long time to wait for the Swazi medal, cause there ain't one. Just the T-shirt.


Which I proudly wear........Big%20smile


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Ok we all have 100s of them slowly corroding in a corner somewhere but what medals are you actually missing that you would like to get?- World Champion Road does not count!


RAC Tough one (not willing to do the race but I wished I had in the past!)



The Tough one is this coming Sunday......... and I'm actually contemplating entering Shocked


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