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The other end of the scale (yet another CWC post!)


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I bought some Look Keo Classics from CWC just before the vets tour in October. Originally wanted Time, since I've consistently broken a set of pedals every year now (Look 247's etc), but the salesman (Evert) said the Keo's were good and they haven't had any returns.


Tuesday the rear release mechanism broke, and I phoned CWC. Took the pedals in on Wednesday with the sales receipt, and was told "we just want to make sure it wasn't user fault"...I thought "here comes another Dell episodeDead".. Yesterday I picked up a brand new pair of Look Keo Classics from CWC Thumbs%20UpClap Can't fault thatWink
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Hear, hear. Three days ago, discussed my tingling in hands problem with Chris Jnr (mentioned that I had come in via TheHub), went in to have a look at a carbon handlebar, placed order, took bike in to have it fitted the next day. Collected the bike the following day. Handlebar fitted perfectly. Expert job with tape.


Free bike valet service ... really looks like new.


And all for an outstandingly good price. And my ride is superb.


Highly recommended buying experience. Count me in as a satisfied customer.
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Look have definatley got it right with the Keos - I have had mine for almost two years and the bearings are still smooth and cleat wear is tiny..

nor are they overpriced
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Hope the lubed everything after your valet...........


Saw them doing a valet on one bike once. High pressure hose into the rear cogs/freewheel. Cannot be good for the bike.
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Guest colonel

Carefull SR CW will come on here telling you you are anti his shop and looking for trouble.............Thumbs%20Down

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