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38mm or 50mm deep section?


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50mm, SA is flat with high speed races. You would benefit more from the more aero wheel and better momentum.

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maybe the 38mm would be better in terms of cross winds, but the 50mm don't give too many issues in terms of cross winds. I ride a set of 404 at 74kg and dont have issues with cross winds, so doubt you would.

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i weigh 64kg and i ride a 50 mm wheel s it really all depends on your bike handling skills as to what will make a difference for you in my opinion i love my 50 mm wheels because they look awesome and they roll!!!!!!




i always say go with what looks prettiest to you smiley2.gif and you will be happier in the long run!!!

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ummm Pickled' date=' I think the wind blows a little bit more in the Cape..[/quote']




Just a little smiley2.gif



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Be honest' date=' in SA racing, does it realy give you that much benefit over a top end alu wheel?




I can get in sooooooo much trouble if I say what I want to say.......




Ek gaan maar eerder weer hoekie toe....
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