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FOX oil leak.


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Hi all

I have a FOX F80 RL SHOCK,my problem is it leaks oil,got it serviced,but after a couple of rides it started to leak again.20081217_131717_DSCF2757_Small.JPG
bduplessis2008-12-17 13:20:45
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Just had mine done but they used a Rockshox kit which apparently has 2 wiper seals. Seems to have done the trick.


never really thought about doing that, sounds like a good plan


also check your fox's stantion with your finger nail and look for maybe a small small scratch, that could be also cutting into your seal lightly and causing the leak
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A friend of mine had a small stone stuck in the one stantion and it cut a groove into it with the movement of the fork. Had to replace it. lots of $$$$$

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Buy yourself a few sets of seals and replace them at home. It's a job that should be done as regularly as changing a chain since the seals don't last. Problem is, if the seal leaks to the outside, it leaks to the inside as well and contaminates the oil with fine dust and water, that shortens the life of the bushes.

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well we got the same problem on two fox's and the bike shops have decided that its normal

Really Shocked

A little bit of oil developing on the stanchion is normal as the right leg is an open oil bath.

The fork I see in the picture is excessive, that is not right.

They could have re-used the same dust wipers, however some dust wipers do come out of the packaging already faulty, but this only comes to light when the fork gets used a few times.

Also look for stanchion wear.

That fork will keep leaking at that rate and you will loose the lockout function and ultimately re-bound as well.


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Yes sah Summit you are korrek. On ours there is just normal oil left on the stanchions. sure doesn't run down the fork! Having said that on the one with the 'nicked' stanchion there's more than on the other but it still works a treat!

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