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Route profiles and GPS maps

Jaco Steyn

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I would like to make a suggestion to create a sub forum under racing for hubbers to post up to date race routes and rout profiles for the different races that they have done. Every now and then someone is asking for a profile, and by doing this, it will be available in an organised manner.

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good idea Maruis is normally the one with all the profiles. dont know who the Garmin boffins are but would be nice to see the routs and profilesClap

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This kind of stuff? Can be presented in Garmin Mapsource as well ? I?ve got several of the <?:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />W Cape events. I've lowered the resolution to upload this particular file. (The 99er)

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pbp2007 that is really neat !!! I am sure there are lots of guys who would like to look at info like that instead of paging thru old map books and trying to figure out where they will be riding. I for one like to prepare mentally for what i am going to ride and like to know what the gradients are like. I am sure there are other out there who do the same. ClapClapClap

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pbp2007 or Marius,


Is it possible to forward the SportTracks and/or Garmin file for the 99er (120k route) to me please?  (E mail address: office@justhr.co.za )


I would appreciate it very much.






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