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Hey guys


Does anyone who got between 3h00 and 3h15 for last years argus have a Polar or (preferably) Garmin file you can send me of your 2006 argus (.gpx / .hrm / .watever)?  I want to compare times that other people got last year to see how accurate the split time calculator on the cycle tour website is. 


Would you mind emailing to me or uploading to this site?


Thanks alot,




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one years data will not help, Which way was the wind blowing last year? Maybee the first half was slower than normal and the second half quicker.

Go with the website caculator
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The website split calculator is good for people in and around 3 hours. IT also do not not compensate for wind direction, neither for people climbing slower than the "normal" under 3 hours kind of people.


I have done the comparisons and the rate they use on climbs up smutswinkel, chapmans and suikerbossie was way under what people do that normally do a 4 hour Argus.


I have drawn up a split time calculator (as per the site) but then added another factor that you can enter based on wind direction and climbing ability that will give better split times and actually compare much more favourably with actual data.

PM me if you want the file and I will send it to you
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I'll send you my 2006 Argus track when I get home this evening. It should be possible to convert this to *.gpx, *.gdb and *.hst formats, as far as I can recall.

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