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Best MTB for R16 000?


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I need some impartial opinions about cross country MTBs.


I am doing seriously rough single track (rocky sections and lank steep downhill) as well as long easy jeaptracks.


My Budget is about R16 000.


What is the best deal out there? I've looked at Merida FHS 1000 and Raleigh RM 7 (leaning towards Merida).



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Unless you're racing XC seriously, if you want something for steep technical riding then you should consider a trailbike. By that I mean something with 120-140mm travel. It will also have slightly slacker geometry which makes it a bit more stable over rough terrain and on steep descents but will still pedal really well.


You could consider the Merida Trans-Mission TFS.


From the Giant stable, my GF recently bought a Trance X, which is a great handling bike. Loads of fun and really playful. It has 120mm travel in front and 125mm at the back but is still an extremely efficient pedalling bike.


Other option in that travel range are the GT Force, Gary Fisher Hi-Fi and the Trek Fuel EX range.


Most of these guys have demo fleets available. Best to try and ride some of the bikes before buying.





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Onetime we do not have the Surplus one as frameset only at the moment


Another option to consider that goes for around R14000 is the Mercury 3:


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can also get a helluva nice Merida or GT for that price...


Hell, the world's you oyster! And don't listen to all those people who say you HAVE TO HAVE XT - SLX is da bomb... there's a reason it's been given a gold star in the MTBR and What Mountainbike Reviews. Tough as nails, and just as light (okay, maybe a few grams heavier) as XT...


Another good option is a Felt. Good value bikes, and good spec on them.


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+1 on Shimano SLX


Allthough I prefer Sram myself, the SLX is a brilliant groupset. I think it was bikeradar that said i.t.o. value for money it's the best groupset they've ever seen


I've ridden it a bit and was seriously impressed





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I second the vote of confidence on SRAM, minty-boy. Brilliant kit. Just that the majority of people seem to think that if you don't have XT, you're not worth talking to and your bike's a pile of cr4p.


For SRAM, I'd be happy with anything X7 and above...


In fact, I'm going to be upgrading to X9 pretty soon, with an SLX or Stylo crank, I hope... 
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Go for the Merida TFS 900 / 1000

It's an excellent buy.

If you have time & patience....test ride a few bikes first
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This would be perfect: <?: prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


On One 456 Summer Season. With a 5" travel Titan fork, microSHIFT derailleur?s and thumb tap shifters, On One Retard Wheels, bars, stem, saddle etc it would come in at about R15400. 


Plenty of very positive reviews out there, check MBR.COM for instance: http://www.mtbr.com/cat/bikes/freeride-hardtail/on-one/456/PRD_414075_1544crx.asp 


New frame stock arriving at the beginning of June. http://www.planet-x-bikes.co.za/ProductInfo.aspx?productid=ON%20ONE%20456%20SUMMER%20SEASON






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