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MTB rims AM classics vs Stans 355's


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Hi Guys, can anybody tell me the difference techinically, about the rim profile of the am classics vs the ZTR 355's, and can you ride AM classiscs in a tubeless configuration as you would the 355's. I know that with the Stans you just need a tubeless valve and rim tape to ride tubeless. Is this the same for the am classics? and are they just as good?


I can get these for about the same price but am not sure what to go for. Please somebody help, or just post an opinion. I would like to hear what you guys think about this.




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Both are equally tubeless. You need the same stuff to make either tubeless and both will work equally well in that conversion.


Stan's has acquired a patent of its bead hook but I cannot see any advantage in that.


I know Lefty feels there is some advantage, PM him.


I've built with both and my preference for no particular rational reason is Stan's. I think it is the shinier surface that attracts me.






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What would we do without JB. Who needs wikipedia when we have wickedjohan. The man is a walking encyclopedia of all things cycling.Thumbs%20Up


When are you going to do a course in our region?
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Tyres sit a tighter on Stans rim. I've got 2 AMC sets and I rode normal tyres tubeless with just tape in the past. I now use the stans strip because I can then inflate most tyres with even a handpump....


AMC has a oval like shape on the inside and just tape will work. Depends if tyre fits tightly to start with ie. Kenda's or Spez or Geax TNT sits very tight. Pref don't use tyres you can fit without tyre levers... the tighter bead of the tyre helps a lot when inflating and won't ever burp...


I prefer the flat outsides of the Stans rim profile.


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I have ridden and abused plenty of rims and no other rim seems to have the same durable yet light combo as Stans.

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Yeah the advantage to Stans rims is that tyres just seem to  slip over the bead (for fitting) more easily adn then are held more securely than other rims.


NOT all rims are Stans Convertable. For some rims you need to buy separately a narrower rim strip. Stans conversion kits cater for 24mm wide rims only. they make a narrower strip.


Rims like thos assymetrical Bontragers don;t fit Stans rims strips very well. You will need to get the Bonty rim strips for a reliable conversion. Been there, done that, went UST...
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