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Problems with disk brake/wheel


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Ok, ride a Giant XTC3, with Hayes 9 disk brakes. The brakes work well but after every ride, the front wheel doesnt spin freely (as in I spin it and it does about 1 revolution!) I then reset the brake caliper position by loosening the hex bolts and adjusting until the wheel spins freely again. But after the next ride the problem is back! I've tried tightening all the bolts really tight, but this doesnt seem to help. Is the rotor bending on every ride or are the calipers shifting position, regardless of how tight I make the bolts?

What should I do, do I need a new rotor, a new set of brakes?
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I had that yesterday. And I notice this.




If you look at your brake pad, you have one side with the 2 pie-pie'tjis and opposite side is the "handle". The one you use to fit it in position.




That "handle" is 'n tiny little bit to long, so its toutch the brake systems side and make is sits scew. I angle grind off about half a mm, and after the spring catch that inside it clips in without touching the side.

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I also have Hayes disks from 2001/2. The calipers and inners are dirty and don't seem to retract properly so the pads drag in the rotors a bit.


I had mine stripped, cleaned and rebuilt and they were fine for a while, but seem to be dragging again...
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It would seem that the piston in the caliper is not returning to its original position and then causing the drag.


I would dismantle the brakes clean out the piston and also take some emery paper and lightly sand the piston to remove any contaminants.


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I have had these brakes on my bike since 2001.

In the beginning the back one dragged despite many visits to LBS. Eventually they realised that the hanger on the frame was slightly out of line. They fitted a small spacer and the problem has never reoccurred.


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