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Cyclist knocked down!!! - Help


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Good day,


 I know that everybody has a hectic schedule, and that you may not

 even have time to read through all your work-related e-mails. But I

 would appreciate it if you could spare me 2 minutes of your valuable

 time to read this mail.


 In the past - when reading similar e-mails - I have always said a

 silent prayer for God to please spare me, my family and friends the

 pain and heartache that other people go through, but it seems that my

 time has come...


 On Saturday, 9 May 2009 - between 15:00 and 16:00, my 24-year old

 nephew was involved in a near fatal hit-and-run bike accident on

 Ontdekkers Road (close to the corner of Ruhama and Ontdekkers Road).

 He was travelling west on <?: prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />

Ontdekkers Road
when a person (if I can

 call him/her that!) hit him off his bike. The person then skipped

 the red robot on

Ruhama Road
and just drove off! Leaving my nephew

 lying there in the rain... I cannot comprehend how any human being -

 that has just caused a major accident - could just leave another

 human being lying in the road, for dead!


 A lady and her husband (herewith referred to as angels!!) travelling

 in the opposite direction, turned around and stopped to help. She

 took off her jacket and threw it over my nephew, sitting next to him

 at the side off the road, in the pouring rain, waiting for paramedics

 to arrive. I would like to thank them both from the bottom of my

 heart for showing kindness and caring!!


 My nephew is currently in the Milpark Hospital with the following



 * broken skull

 * bleeding on the brain

 * brain damage

 * both arms and legs broken - of which he might loose his one arm

     and his one foot

 * lungs gave in - he is on a respirator

 * he will be in an induced coma for 9 - 14 days


 If anyone out there knows anything about this accident, or knows who

 might be responsible for it - I am begging you - to please come

 forward with the information. My nephew is such a joy to everyone,

 and does not deserve this. Whoever caused this accident, needs to

 take full responsibility for it.


 Could I also ask you to please forward this e-mail to everyone on

 your mail list.


 Please contact any of the following persons on the numbers below with

 any information.


 Carmen - 083 294 0634

 Madeleine - 082 953 1659 or 084 405 2977 Ilze - 079 043 3182

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Sorry to hear and we wish you all the best and will keep him in our prayers.

Is there not a camera at the said traffic light?

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I am sorry to hear about your nephew's accident.

I can't help with any info but wish you and him all the best and a speedy recovery.

Riding away from an accident like that should be seen as culpable homicide. What if the injured party had died and the person who caused the accident could have administered first aid or at least phoned for help?


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May God put his hand of healing, his hand of comfort and his hand of protection on you all...

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my prayers go to you and your nephew. I hope he recovers well. I hope whoever knocked him over cant live with a guilty concence and turns themselves in.

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Guest colonel

My gosh that is terrible news I wish him a speedy recovery and I hope he loses none of his limbs.

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OMW..!! Thats shocking!! Thoughts and prayers to all... Thats heavens there are still angels left in this Country!

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Have you asked the Local Caxton Newspapers to do an article asking for witnesses? Hope that he recovers and that the F#cker who did this gets caught!

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I hope you find out the truth of what happened and the driver of the vehicle.


I also hope you can find some comfort at this time and that your nephew recovers fully.


I get really angry when I read stuff like this because I know as a cyclist,that it could have been me, or one of my mates.


Such a pity that "life" in SA is treated wtih such disrespect by so many or put another way, that we have so little respect for one another.


I have to leave now before my anger gets the better of me. Please keep us up to date on progress of recovery.


I wish you all the best.
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