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White frames what color bartape etc would you ?


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What would you do with a White frame - road ?


Was thinking easton wheels , Red bartape, Prologo seat (red and black). red pedals - speedplays




Any pics some of you can add?


I know one can always go for the full out white - but that's just unpractical






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The white Prologo Nano seat comes with a touch of red and that would look sweet! With red kcnc skewers to top it off!

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With that frame you can go lekker bossies. You can add red or blue. Every few months you change ant it will look like a new bike. Even black with some accent pieces like red seat collar and skewers. Just keep yout cable housing black. I would stay away from white like you said.

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Big%20smileYeah was thinking to keep the cabling clean and simple and stick with black - but other options can be white and red - but that can be too much bling very fast.


Was thinking - red bartape - red scewers - with the bit of red on the easton rims and the Prologo Cool team saddle with the red,white and black.


Not sure what tires to use. The Continental 4000 got a lot of red and would look cool, or Huchitson Top speeds with the red side lines.


Either way, don't want too much red, so need to chose between tires and bartape.


Anyone got a idea to recreate this look on the PC, to have a idea how it will look ?


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Have you bought this frame???


Why ? Want to built it up. So yeah - got it from a friend for cheaper


You ride Bianchi - so don't compareEmbarrassed


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Astana : even though she still naked that bird looks wicked - congrats. I'll stick to black and white if I was you.

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