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I don't even know!


I use a cheapish Cateye, and I've got a Cateye HRM as well, although I don't really use that any more - I can tell when my heart rate is high because I can't breathe.


Since I started riding trials I've become less obsessed with speed and distance and the unimportant stuff.




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Garmin Edge 305




Since I started using SportTracks to download and track my training, it's been a love thing all the way...









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Blackburn Delphi 6.0 Big%20smile


AND Nokia N95 SportsTracker...




MichaelH2009-05-26 08:34:55

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705, but I tend to agree with Hog. If I see how fast I'm going, how steep the gradient is, how high my pulse is, I just want to get off the bike and die!! Find it much nicer to ride without all the rubbish!!! smiley36.gif smiley36.gif

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