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Training groups in Cape Town

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With winter approaching, my motivation has taken a serious dive.  I haven't been on my bike for the last 3 weeks, and the guilt is killing me. 


(Its odd how I can justify not riding: too windy (hardly a breeze), too little sleep, bike needs a clean, even bike is too clean... the list goes on)


So I am looking for a training group.  Does anyone have a list of training rides in Cape Town?  Are the club rides exclusive to its members?


If I am going to have to join a club, what are my options.  The only ones I know if are CycleLab, Club 100 and The Outriders.  The Outriders is not really an option, looking for something in the sothern suburbs.


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Marius, just looked at the website - the CT info is still detailing the weekend race as the Cape Cobra !! Seriousley needs to get up to date to attract people to join.

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I live in the southern suburbs, so thats why I am looking for a group in the area.  Also, the rolling hills in the northen suburbs kill me; I suffered like a dog in the spring rides.   Much prefer longer climbs at a decent pace.

I contacted Club 100.  Will be joining them on one of their rides this weekend. 
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The Outriders is not really an option' date=' looking for something in the sothern suburbs. Thanks[/quote'] ShockedPity that you say this without joining us on any one of our rides. We have several regular non-Table View residents like Jimmy, Jana, Mark and Selwyn who come from Pinelands, Gilbert & Elizabeth from D'ville, Lindi from S'burbs and many more who do the bike rack thing cause we are such fantastic people.Embarrassed


Who knows you might even be get to a levelLOL that you can hook the 555EXPRESS and do a 36.5 km average at our Saturday leg loosener.


PM me if you would like a chat or see you this sat 07H00 outside Planet Fitness Parklands.
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