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Very impressed (so far)<?: prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


I order from CRC on Friday, package was shipped yesterday from CRC already landed in SA this morning. Just waiting for clearance.

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It would have been faster if you did not order on a Friday. I theory the time would be the same but the parcel being in the system would be shorter. I placed an order on a Monday, wheels had to be built so it only shipped on the Wednesday and was at my PO the following Monday.

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Any advice?


DateTimeLocationTracking Event
12-10-2009 14:19 JO'BURG INT MAIL CENTRE EMSAwaiting Customs Clearance
12-10-2009 12:15 JO'BURG INT MAIL CENTRE EMSArrived in destination country
10-10-2009 09:51 Delivery Agent - JOHANNESBURG - PTTArrived in destination country
09-10-2009 10:43 Heathrow Airport
09-10-2009 06:37 Heathrow AirportArrived at outward airport
09-10-2009 01:05 International HubLeft origin country
08-10-2009 21:48 International HubArrived at outward Office of Exchange
08-10-2009 13:11 National HubSorted in hub
07-10-2009 17:16 Belfast Central DepotOn route to hub
07-10-2009 00:00 WDM Online
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Get the local tracking number from the SAPO. (0860111502)


If they can not help you, call customs on 021 5905712 / 5716 / 5713, scratch that, I see you are in Gauteng...




Call SAPO and hopefully they can give you the Gauteng customs office




(Leaving the Cpt numbers for reference for the local guys   smiley2.gif )

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Contact Expedited Mail Services on one of the following numbers. Be patient though, they don't always answer.






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Hi Mighty Spoke


Did you go to your post office to see if the goods are not there. My CRC order also said awaiting customs clearance but it was already at my post office. You do not really need any reference number they have book where all international parcels are written in, just look for your name. Seemingly the tracking of the parcel once in RSA does not keep up with the actual parcel.


I hope it is there


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good luck guys !!! i waited a month for 1 parcel and thought it got nicked by someone and CRC sent me a replacement that bypassed customs grubby paws and got it within a week then customs were kind enough to release it so i got two the same !!!! good old customs fast awake Angry

(yes para i did pay for the second one) LOL
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LocationDateLocal TimeDescriptionhttp://wwwapps.ups.com/img/1.gifWhat's this?http://wwwapps.ups.com/img/1.gif
03/11/20090:21ARRIVAL SCAN
03/11/20090:15ARRIVAL SCAN
02/11/200920:46ARRIVAL SCAN
02/11/200918:10EXPORT SCAN
02/11/200918:10ORIGIN SCAN
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Thanks for all the numbers Wernervdmerwe & TNose E & phillip.maree, will give them a ring tomorrow.

Havent been to ask the post office, been waiting for a slip. Thanks Steve.


Watch this space!!!
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Mighty Spoke, the slips don't always come, in fact with my post office, it is a rare thing.


Most of the time they want a tracking number or at least a time frame unless it is a very small post office.


My order was dispatched yesterday so we will see how long it takes!  Its like waiting for a Xmas present.
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Mighty Spoke


I have bought from CRC twice already and both times I collected the parcels without a slip.
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