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should I build a bike

Braai Vleis

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hey guys


I need some advice?


I have recently returned from the dark side and have started cycling again


My missus has decided that she also wants to start mountain biking.


The problem is that she isn't so keen to spend alot of money on a new bike.

her old man attempted the argus on a trek 4500 and has decided to give her his bik. the bike is about 3 years old and has probably been riden about 100km (old man never rode outside the golf estate and eventually gave up)

The bike is a 21inch so my missus cant ride it properly so we need to get her a new one.


I was thinking of taking all the components off of her trek and putting them on my old Giant ATX 840 frame.


the comonents are deore with Ritchy seat post,seat, handle bars etc and a rock shox Judy fork (the fork is in excellent condition)and she has and awesome set of bontrager wheels and tyres.

My old frame is in pretty good condition.


My questions are

1) Is it worth while doing this?

2) What should I look out for when I swap everything around?


Thanks guys
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It is going to be your cheapest option.


I am no technical guru but some of the issues are?


1. Do the bikes have the same brakes (v-brakes or disc brakes). If the Trek has disc brakes you could have problems if the Giant does not have disc brake mounts

2. The dimension of the seatpost may be different i.e 27.2mm vs 31.6 mm meaning that you would need a new seatpost and clamp.

3. Seeing that the Trek is an 21" (extra large the length of the Crank could be a problem in the long term depending on your wifes height. I would'nt worry about that in the short term.

4. The steerer tube of the shock will most likely have to cut going from a 21" to a smaller frame.


These are a few things that I can think of.

SteveS2009-11-12 14:14:36
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SteveS all is correct,


its definately cheaper by far even if you need a seatpost and/or brakes swap, at the most a swop could cost you about R300-R400(including seat post, brakes and new cables)


a new bike that would be suitable for mountainbiking is gonna cost you around R1500 for a second hand cheapie and around R3500 for a new cheapie.

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Go for it, whats the worst that could happen? Phew, ....could lose a few front teeth if that chain comes off!

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