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What do you guys think of the new trend of running single-ring upfront with the new 10-speed ( read: Sram XX ) cassettes on the market?


Julian Absolon used an e13 prototype in this year's World Champs XC race ....


e13 are now bringing this product to market



Any interest? Would it sell in SA?




Did Burry not whip J.A.in that race?


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for XC racing it will work well and the single speed guys could also use this.




What would they retail for?

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He who is called Julien Absalon can get away with using that, us mere mortals will probably bust a knee-cap, pull an ITB and pop a vein in the forehead.

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Not for us 'mortals'. Did you see the price for a XX10 speed cassette? R2200 at CRC. So also not for anybody dealing with an economical recession. Goodbadugly2009-11-21 06:49:11

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A lot of guys in the US and UK run 1 x 9.


Personally I rarely ever get out of the middle ring up or down. (In Tokai at least)

Just changed from a 32 to a 36 middle ring, so it is a bit tougher but then again I only have a 11-32 on the back. (will put a 11-34 on when I can afford it).

Haven't taken the small chainring off as it is my back-up for when I'm stuffed and also not sure what to do with the dual control shifters



1x10 will work but as said already it is expensive. but it does make more sense in  terms gear ratios (Sram xx being 11-36 at the back). It will allow you to have a bigger chainring up front allowing a similar low gear as one would have in the middle ring now, and a better high gear.


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