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Ride before you buy - joke!!


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Ride before you buy a wash out. Only two bike companies made the effort. Merida and Cannondale. Well done to merda for putting their bikesup on show i will be getting one soon.ClapLOL


What I thought is just before Xmas, Sabie, Epic, the bike companies would be out in full force to get some special out there!


My special to the MTB world is as follows: LOL


Rent  :R 997,98 per month on a Xerox 4118x (A4, copier, fax, scan) 60 month, fixed over the period and get R 15 000 toward a MTB bike. Terms and condition will apply, contact us at 011 760 4512, email kath@westx.co.za.


Cool stuff,

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Yes it was a joke, pulling out on fridayThumbs%20Down


Why didnt Bicylce magazine made a broadcast on radio to tell everybody it was cancelled. I had friends coming from far we only found it was cancelled when we arrived luckly cannondale had their bikes there so we had a chance of testing a lefty.


Thanks cannondale and merida for making an effort.


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Surely the bigger joke is that you can buy a printer/ fax/ scanner from Incredible for R2,000 and then save up to R58,000 over your lease term (excluding consumables)..........


The real joke is these "offers" are presented as "Investment Opportunities...."  LOLLOLLOL


The reason why fatboyslim will be getting a new bike soon is because of all of the comm he gets for signing suckers up to deals like these!!!!!
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I think the offer above promotes graft and corruption - to those with buying powers in organisations. Sies.

ps if you talking a 2010 scalpel, then I might change my mind lol
kosmonooit2009-11-23 08:57:13
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WorkCentre 4118X; 18ppm Copier Printer With Fax, Color Scan, 40 Sheet ADF, 550 Sheet Paper Tray, 100 Sheet Bypass, Parallel And USB, 110V


Feature-filled device best for small office workgroup environments


Compatible ProductsWorkCentre? 4118
UPC Code095205226522
PriceERP: $1,199.00

It?s a good thing that the Xerox does not charge us more than the unit worth....... When a client receives a "trade-in" or free offer then all the copier rep has to do is to include the value into the deal and then finance it at a Finance house. So...... nothing is for free in this deal.

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The deal is:

1: a rental is tax efficient way to finace goods, you dont effect your credit rating at the bank, off balance sheet fianing.


2: this deal put a buyer of a bike from a R18 - 24K range in a range of R 30 -40K getting a better bike.


3:get a copier and help finace some of your bike.


4: the company that sells tyers give away free braai and other stuff that never gets used, but here you get a healthy deposit on a MTB.


Sorry to everyone but this was just a way to increase bike sales for the dealer that are taking a beating in the ecomonic times we having, the more we support our local dealer the better price we will get on bikes.


Snoek if you want a job mail me i like your home work on the product, mean you have time on your hands!!!!!


Matchstick: thank for the support! just trying to do a little marketing for the bike dealers. just think if we helped old 'willy' in PTA , then he would not have gone down!!!!!!!Clap
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Thanks for the offer but I live in Cape Town.<?: prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

I like what you are trying to do but I do not think it is right that business should increase their exposure to procure a bike for personal use. There is currently a recession in RSA and people are losing jobs daily. We get all upset when politicians procure products and receive big kick-backs. What is the difference in the corporate world between a R1 and a R1 000 000 kick-back?   

I agree that receiving a braai is a cool incentive but R15 000 is just a bit to fishy for me.

Why don?t you tell us what the retail price is for your device and then we shall let you know if this is a good deal.  I am sorry if I cost you a deal or two.

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yes, we can off set this against anything you want!

Once we have the approval, and delivery has being done, one invoice then done!
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hope the R60 000 copier at least comes with a spell or grammar check feature........ idrive2009-11-24 09:05:11

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Did anyone wonder why they can afford to give R15000 back? Well here is the answer



 R977 x 60 = R59000 less R 11,005 = R47995. You do the math





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The best part about this deal is that the device is made by Samsung so I shall rather get one at my local IT shop. Nashua sold these units as the Info 250 but stopped selling them because of all the problems they had with the units. This is not designed as a big office device but rather for the SO/HO (small office/home office).

Xerox WorkCentre 4118xStatus: Current

Manufacturing Status: Newly manufactured

Desktop, Monochrome printer, MF
Dry, monocomponent toner

Dataquest Segment: 1
SRP/Street Price: ? not avail/?859
Domestic Intro Date: July 2006
OEM: Samsung (Korea)
Also Sold As: Info not avail 
Distribution: Direct sales, agents, dealers and resellers
Max Monthly Duty Cycle: 20,000 impressions
Snoek2009-11-25 02:29:45
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