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Stage Racing - Team Format?


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So apart from some minor exceptions stage races are competed in a team of 2 or more racers.


I can definitely see the benefit of this kind of format but would personally like to ride as a single entry rider.


Do you think races would benefit from having a single rider category? Would somethhing like this be to the detriment of the race? I dont think its a social thing as I really enjoy interacting with other riders and talk to someone almost the whole way. Just dont see the need of having to worry about someone else for the whole duration of a stage race.


What's the feeling out there?


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yes and they or you bail the other can still continue without having to be reclassified as a non-team finisher.

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What are the single rider stage races out there?


Mampara, check out how many unofficial single riders there were at Sabie X due to partner bailouts.


Would more people ride if they could enter on their own or is the team format what the peeps want?


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Would also like to do some stage races as an individual entry, I train regularly but erratically, different times of the day, sometimes road sometimes MTB, so finding a partner is a nightmare.

Also don't want to be a burden in a race or vice-versa.


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Personally, I'd prefer to race alone. Not much of a team person. Saw this poll on supercycling.co.za recently:



For new mountain bike stage races, which of the following would you prefer? - view results

Two-rider teams ? I like the company and added safety
Single entry ? I like to compete alone, just me to worry about

Total votes: 783


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Cradle Quest offered this option and I think its' great' date=' I always struggle to find a compatible partner.[/quote']




I'm sure Doris feels the same way smiley2.gif smiley36.gif

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There is no doubt that there is place for the team format but to have such a disregard for single racers is very poor in my opinion.


Sean, that poll is actually higher for singles than I imagined. Do you know if any other races other than Cradle would consider it?


dirt-rider, if you have a stable partner I tend to agree with you. Our group of mates is anywhere between 6 and 8 riders and we pretty much draw straws on who rides with whom depending on strength at the time leading up to the race but this is often not the case on actual race day. Guys end up swapping teams and ride as unofficial entries. We're not really interested in our positions so its not serious but would be nice if you could just pitch up and ride to your own strength.


I also think there are a lot of people who would love to stage race but are turned off by the fact that it is impractical to ride/train with a partner. Once you have done a few and are comfortable with the concept it is not a problem but I remember my first one, we spent hours double checking each others spares, tools, drink, food, ass lube, shorts, bikes, etc etc. I suppose the flip side is having someone experienced opening up the door in a team format and showing a newbie the ropes.


Anyone know any of any organisers who can comment here. Will follow up on some.


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