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Stans Blues

The Mummy

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A month ago I converted my MTB tubes to Stans, and while I had some good  results with the one wheel fixing itself, the other is giving me headaches.


Firstly I had a side wall puncture with the Stans, it deflated very quickly and the stans didn't fix it so I had no choice to put in a tube again, i reckon it was because the stans stays on the bottom of the tire.  They then put stans in again and it was fine for a day or so and was flat the next morning i woke up.


The only way I could rescue my deflated stans was to use an air bomb, and it worked, the next day I was riding up breeds neck and what happens? BANG!

It sounded like somebody were shooting on us, my tire popped off with my leg full of stans, jik. Angry


Anyway maybe it is just my bad luck, or maybe I did something wrong.

Any Ideas or Did this happen to any of you stans fans?


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Firstly, what tyres are you using?  Do they have strong sidewalls?


My LBS swears that Stans is bomb proof.  Their advice is:


1. First, put enough Stans in to cover all the insides and seal the wheel.

2. Put an additional 60ml in for punctures. A common mistake is to put too little in!

3. Get yourself some specialist tubeless tyres.  You are just going to enjoy more puncture free days rather than just converting normal THIN wall tyres.  This will also allow you to run it at lower tyre pressure for more traction.


My advice would be to get your LBS to put it in for you or help you to do it/give advice.  Done correctly you should not have a punture. 
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Stans does not recomend

  • Michelin
  • WTB
  • Intense
  • IRC
  • Hutchinson
Most of the other tires work but tubeless works the best.


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Sidewall punture does tend to be a problem with Stans . Like you said the liquid does not really cover that area . It is true that tubeless tyres are less prone to sidewall punctures but how often do you get sidewall puntures (cuts) ? If a lot , go and spend the extra bucks , if you look where you go and this is a first time then stick with your normal tyres . I can not deny that tubeless are an pleasure to install but theere is a cost involved . I took a Karma back to my LBS after Stans "attacked" the inside of the tyre and made it come apart ! But it only happened on one tyre !

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I've got Maxxis Cross Mark Tires, Think I will give it another try and check what the LBS says, I think the tire bombed off because there were too few stans left after some leaked out during the night before, when i fixed it the next day with an air bomb it sealed but not properly.


And ja you don't get sidewall punctures every day, I will give stans another chance to leave an impression on me Approve





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I did a Stans conversion on my normal rims with the non-UST Kenda Blue Groove tyres that came with my new bike.

Been running it like that for 2 months without problems - sealed every time.


After the Robertson ride last weekend, I noticed that my back tyre had been damaged. One of the side knoblies half cut off with the weave of the tyre showing below. Still intact (no work for the stans to do), but since I am not impressed with the Blue Grooves, I decided to replace the tyre with a UST. My LBS had Kenda Karma at a good price, so I will be installing that today.

I will also top up the Stans in my front tyre since there was several squirts from thorns coming from the front at Robertson.

I hope I don't have to break the seal completely - will attempt top up through the valve - the Stans kit valves are supposed to be removeable.


Non-UST can work, but I would only recommend it with new tyres and you should expect sidewall failure after time. After all non-UST tyres are designed to have the added support of a tube.


Proper installation is the key to success with Stans.

It is very important to get the whole tyre properly sealed before using it. This could mean a lot of shaking and then laying flat (see the video on the NoTubes website). The side walls and bead of the tyre only comes into contact with the Stans when laid flat.

Mine inflated OK and most of the major leaks seal quickly, but it took a whole day of laying flat (left it over night) and shaking and turning over every now and again before there were no more leaks.


I suggest you try again and take your time before giving in to the temptation to try and ride it. Smile



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Ask Marius - he is probably the most experienced Stans person I know. He should be able to give you advice on what works, and what doesn't work...

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