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USE SUB Fork.... something different????

Hendrik Petoors

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This something different. An imprvement on the Cannondale Lefty?


SUB is short for Stability Under Braking, and that?s the idea behind this suspension design from British manufacturers USE.

Dive is an annoyance with bike suspension - you spend a lot of effort (and money!) to get front suspension that?s smooth and good at absorbing shocks, then half your travel vanishes as soon as you pull the brakes - and the steering geometry alters as well.

Wouldn?t it be good if the front suspension stayed put when you pulled the brakes, giving you full travel all the time? That?s what the angled linkage of the SUB fork ensures - the linkage points right at your Centre-of-Gravity, so your body weight won?t compress the suspension.

Riding a SUB fork feels a bit odd at first, because we?re so used to suspension that dives. But soon the extra traction and comfort you get will have you convinced.

A second advantage of the linkage is that it keeps everything aligned - so much so that the SUB fork doesn?t need to have support on both sides of the hub - it?s not even a fork ;-) This saves weight, is stronger (one fat tube is stronger than two thinner ones) and is simpler to service. Plus, you can change a tube without removing the wheel.

The SUB fork is very easy to service - various spring rates are available, and a simple grease port makes lubing the fork very easy.

The SUB fork is available for 26? wheels in two travel versions - 80mm or 100mm - or with 90mm travel for 29? wheels. Buy the fork on it?s own, or with the matching single-sided SUB Hub - a cartridge-bearing hub designed to be a perfect fit for the SUB fork.

The pictures can be seen here.... worth while:-













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It is definatley a great fork. One of my mates from the UK has one and he swears by it, (so do I). It light, super plush and super stable. The only down side is the cost of the thing.

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I am not convinced, the fork compressing during breaking allows you to hit the breaks harder and stop faster without flying over the bars.

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