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Sealant question


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I'm about to do my tubeless setup. I have a bottle of OKO and need to know if it is sufficient to use on it's own or should I mix it with a more fluid sealant (eg stans or joe's)?


Next question - what's the recommended amount to use per tire? (using specialized 2bliss on mavic 819's)

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I use a little black bottle that says Tyre Sealant on the side ( written in shocking green) cost about R20-00 a bottle and throw in two bottle per tyre when doing tubeless for the first time. It's a dark greyish liquid and will seal up to a 6mm hole and I have seen it myself. 


OKO is a little thick for tubeless.
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Rubbish Rubbish Rubbish...


OKO is the bomb and I can prove it!!!!



what would be cool would be a more liquidy oko, i just think its too thick to get to the hole fast enough,
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And then what run out like Stans and Joes does?

Look every product has its + and - but the fact that the others dry up within 3months compared to OKO lasting the lifetime of the tyre I think I know where my money lies.


Since Ive been running OKO in my MTB no problems what so ever.


a bad movie I made but hey no lies...

I punctured the tube 3times and only lost 1bar of pressure.

Try that with Stans or Joes it just flys out...


OKO works even better under pressure
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I often use a litle antifreeze with the OKO to make it a bit more runny. OKO does not dry like stans, but does loose liquid due to the slow seepage in the holes in the tire (the amount is small, but many holes over long time can mean some drying of the OKO)




Interestingly I had the bike on the car on a dusty road the other day. Each hole because of the very slight seepage collected a bit of dust. I counted over 26 holes ini less than 1/4 of the tyre, the OKO is the shiz smiley1.gif




After Attakwas and some other rides in the Karoo I pulled out some pretty substantial thorns (2mm diameter buggers)..no issues!




I vote OKO

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Mud Dee - use antifreeze, it evaporates much slower, you want a high ethylene glycol content. it's really cheap and should be better than H2O

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