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How to ride faster


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http://bp1.blogger.com/_FoXyvaPSnVk/Ra0j9WdByTI/AAAAAAAAAQw/u6_Z6DNgkEI/s400/Carscoop_Thrustpac_15.jpgThe ?Thrustpac? is a propeller driven motor that gives you an extra push on any non-vehicle mode of transportation of your choice. This ?Green Machine? will help you achieve over 150 miles per gallon on a standard mountain bike without pedalling. Each ThrustPac is tailor-made, and prices vary according to weight and power with prices beginning at $895 and running through $2000. It comes in three different power specifications, from a 12 pound four-stroke pack offering 10 pounds of thrust to a 20 pound (weight) pack offering 20 pounds of thrust from a two-stroke motor.<?:NAMESPACE PREFIX = O />

The device is controlled by a special glove, which allows the rider to accelerate or slow down simply by flexing their index finger. Find it kinda of dangerous? Oh, be adventurous. Apart from the fact that you?ll have to be extra careful with your finger, (scratching any parts of your body is strictly forbidden) what else could possibly happen?

shaunh2007-06-22 14:09:21
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The other day I had what I initially considered to be a very embarrising moment on the road.


I was cycling from Voortrekkerhoogte to Brooklyn after work.  When going up from Fountains Valley to Fountains circle, I noticed a guy on a bicycle a couple of hundred meters in front of me.  Initially I did not pay too much attention to him since I would most propably be passing him soon.   At Fountains circle I still had a bone to pick with a idiot motorist but when I eventually pulled away and crossed the two traffic lights this guy on his bicycle was now only about 15 to 20 meters in front of me. 


After about 100 meters I noticed that I am still the same distance away from me.  Now this is the part that cracked me.  Here I am on a "road bike" motoring with a HR of about 170 to 180 and this guy what is now clear to be some dikwiel with a luggage carrier with a reasonable size box on it, fair size backpack on his back, in his denim jeans and he is just riding me in my moer. 


Eventually I pass this guy, huffing .. pufffing .. greeting ... nice pace dude .... huff puff .... and so I went on still wondering how the heck I got in this bad shape.  Stopped at the next traffic light looking for a place to bury myself when this toppie stopped next to me with a grin from the one ear to the other.  He just looked at me and said, "Don't think I pedaled this fast, I have a propulsion thing installed in my front hub and I only have to pedal to keep momentum".  Turns out that the big box on his luggage carrier is a battery pack which weighs in at about 20 kilos.


Needles to say that I felt slightly better after that but still a bit embarrased Embarrassed


Any one have more info on this propulsion device that this guy was talking about.  First time in my life that I saw something like that.  This would be a nice thing to have installed on a bike for those that are not that into cycling but would like cheap transport to work.
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I know they had the locally produced e-bike. They are also selling battery powered bikes at City Cycles here in Cape Town. I haven't had a good look at them but i think they are front hub driven.

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