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I read on the net yesterday he was quoted as saying that he would not play matchplay because he prefers threesomes to fourballs and pairs.

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If you received a book on "TYGER" Woods ...... YOU were scammed!!!!!!!!!


'n Tyger is 'n ding wat in die ou tyd daar in die Kaapkolonie rondgeloop het.
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I think you could see he has aged a couple of years in the last 2 or 3 months. I feel for the dude, not sure how many people out there would come out and address the world like that.


He pokes a few dollies, our goverment feeds their friends and family with our tax money!! 


Life goes on!!


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Guest Agteros

"Tiger Woods is a scammer"


You guys mean that Tiger had to resort to selling Power Balance Bands since he stopped playing golf, and lost plenty of sponsorships?
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