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20100330_035832_SCOTT_SPEEDSTER.jpgArriving in Cape Town for the Argus on Friday afternoon I went for my final training session.  I cycled north past the Killarney race circuit (at Du Noon)when I noticed a pedestrial crossing the road in front of me.  As I passed him, and out of view, he grabbed my right arm and caused me to crash. 

At first I thought he just wanted me to crash but then, two of his colleages grabbed my bike and started to make off with it.  I resisted and they pulled knives. I continued to resist but slipped on the tar and lost my grip on the rear wheel.  They disappeared between the houses and the bike is gone.  I am okay after being stiched up.



A black and yellow bike with the words SCOTT in yellow on a black frame.  Dura Ace pedals and wheels,  brand new Specialized saddle (143).  Carbon seat post and 40 cm handlebars with Ultegra group set and low and behold a Race Tec chip.  The bike is equiped with a Polar CS200 with a cadence meter. Handlebars are finished off with black and yellow tape.



No Argus for me and I am now in the process of procuring a new bike.


Johan Vermeulen
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Its a pity they don't make an exploding bike, you press a button after being liberated of your bike and....BANG, bits of thieving swine all over the road....

Hopefully you were insured?
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or a button that you press and voila...... seats flips to the side and a pressurised cyclinder shoots a sharp steel poll in his bum.


At least you safe!!! Good luck


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I read that article in the newspaper. Yea that really sucks, normally when I drive past there I speed, but it sucks about your bike tho. Any news yet?

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  • 3 weeks later...



On Easter Friday morning I received a call from the Tableview Police to indicate that they have recovered my bike.  The bike was stashed in the roof a a house (shack) in Du Noon.


Three suspects have been arrested.  I'll be flying down to Cape Town during the course of the week to fetch the bike and to attend an Identity Parade.


The rear wheel and the Polar HR monitor that was mounted on the handlebars are missing.


Good thing I reported the matter to the Police.  If I did not report it they would have had a recovered bike and three suspects but no link to me.


I am so happy.  Johan
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