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Merida 96 carbon 1000d or Scott Spark 30 carbon


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Im looking to buy a soft tail.


I get mixed reactions from all the diffrent shops.




Decided on 2 makes now.


Merida 96 Carbon 1000D or the merida 96 hfs 1000D.




Scott spark series.




Whats the verdict?

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Personal opinion, having never ridden Scottand owning a Merida 96 hfs 3000... You're missing an option! Wink


Go test-ride them - and I think there's a Bicycling ride before you buy sometime soonish in Johburg area somewhere...(?)


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Have to say you should consider the Chumba that Ngala recommended, never have I got on a bike and felt comfortable from the get go.


But if you are choosing between the Scott and Merida, go for Merida, if the specs on the two are on par then the frame of the Merida is better than Scott.
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Arent they pretty different bikes?

One is a 100mm travel XC race bike, while the other is 120mm travel race/trail bike.


I wouldnt choose it on spec alone.
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my 2c


What feels comfy to you to ride ?

Where will you buy it ? That shop should be close to home and offer good backup as you will go back there for tune-ups and service or warranty issues with the bike. 


Think you will get more bang for your buck with the merida though, better spec should be a bit cheaper than a comparative scott.


I like carbon, but donna what the weight/cost ratio would be there, so wont comment on that choice
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But the CHUMBA VF2 is not a known brand? not in SA.


But its getting there

Ask manbearpig who was a yeti fan, caad4 moved from merida to the vf2. There are a number of other riders out there not on hub aswell, yeah they get some funny comments but most people who see the bikes and ride them love them


See the reviews from hubbers on here






I see you in JHB, take the demo unit out for a weekend and see what you think



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I have ridden Manbearpig's bike and it honestly is awesome..... if anyone tell him that I said that there will be hell to pay!Wink

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