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Garmin Edge 500 or Polar RS800CX


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So my old Polar was kindly stlolen and need a replacment.


Any views on Garmin VS. Polar


I mainly use the monitor on my MTB and Road bike, with some spinning sessions.


I don't really require maps. But keen on power meter training in the near future.


No interest in Suunto


Should I switch from Polar to Garmin.


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I bought myself the Garmin Edge 500 last Friday. I am extremely impressed with it. Comes with HR strap and the Speed/Cadence sensor. You get three display pages to set up as you want to with just about any info and variation of info you want.

I highly recommend it!!
I had my Polar and a cycle computer to give me the info I want during a race/ride. Now my Garmin gives me the info and more that I want in a single unit. There are no maps with the Edge 500, it is a great cycling computer and you can use a powertap or other power metre with it. As far as I know with the Polar you can only use the Polar power metre which I have heard to be a bit suspect.
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google the review from dcrainmaker - it's a fantastic review.

I moved from a s725x to the garmin, and although there are teething problems (check the garmin forums) I'm enjoying the switch.


I also think your decision will be based on what you need from the unit - check them both out and then decide.
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On Garmin 500, can you map a route and 'race' yourself on the same route?


What did you pay for the Garmin 500, seems a whole lot cheaper in the UK 200GBP....


It just seems garmin is taking the lead on technology,  I guess change is as good as a holiday.


Thx for the input.
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yip, you can map a route on mapmyride.com, apply an avg time to 'race' against, then upload it. I think you can also do the same with a course you have recorded on the unit.


Just be aware of the teething issues (check the garmin forums) , the 500 hangs sometimes and some data files bomb out when uploading.


I got mine from easygis.co.za - look for the banner on this site.

Couldn't wait for CRC and wanted the local warranty on a new product like this as well.

Great service from easygis as well.
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I haven't tried my "racing myself" feature yet but from what I have heard it just gives you an arrow for the directions, not a map like the 305/705.

Isn't it just the certain version of the software that hangs? I haven't updated my software yet and haven't had any bomb out or hangs.
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firmware 2.30 is out, should sort out lost data issues.

AFIK from 2.20 you can import courses into the garmin and then 'race' them against yourself.


I ordered my edge 500 from crc friday 2 weeks ago, its in sa, sent from joburgh today, guess its going to pta mail centre, so should have it tomorrow (holding thumbs as I want to use it this weekend)


Its a great unit and if you want to measure power as well as have a bike computer this is your best option.  Polar cant measur from the powertap etc and the new powertap joule is more expensive.


2 mounts and wheels sizes so just clip it from bike to bike or onto the spinning bike(uses rubbers to attach the mount.)


Doesnt have maps but you can still make or load routes with a breadcrumb trail to follow, ie routes are online for free like Baberton 70km etc.
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The only power meter that can be used with some polars is the polar power sensor. It does not work so well judging by the experience of some of my team mates.

I have a Garmin Edge 500 - good product imo, no complaints yet on lates firmware. Only hassle is you have to buy an Ant+ wirless power meter if you want to capture all the data together.


GPS not essential for altitude/gradient data, the polar altimeter is good enough. The key feature if favour of a Garmin would be ant+ power display.
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Very impressed with my 500 no data issue's and everything reads correctly I have not updated to the latest firmware as its working perfect

As Andy249 says the screen set up options are excellent so nice to be able to have screens showing combinations of data you want to see


Its a very user friendly and easy to install and set up unit
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