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Mikes Bikes - Good Service Award from me


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Ola Peeps


I just wanted to plug something for Mikes Bikes in Greenside


Being mainly a MTB orientated store they rock.


SAturday, after closing time (i bought a new FOx FLux helmet earlier from them that morning) i wanted to go for a ride to show off my new helmet. But then disaster struck and my bike wouldnt shift into the two largest and the one smallest gears on my cog.


Worried, i quickly gave them a call to see if they were open.

They answered (thank god) and told me it was after closing time.

They were under the impression i was stuck somewhere on the bike and actually wanted to come and get me to help.


I explained to them i was still at home and could bring te bike, to which they agreed (if i could "jaag" fast enough)

GOt there, all  of the staff ready to go home, but yet they smiled and greeted me, no body was nasty or cocky and they all understood my need to ride (remeber: foxflux showoff).

They took the bike to the medical table and started fiddling with the gears. They lubed the cables, set the gearing and even lubed my seatpost to get rid of a squeek (Bad Solomons in Pretoria for not building my bike decently).


Did this all in a short period of time, while i appologised for keeping them in the store.

And i did go for my ride afterwards.


People specially mountain bikers note: Use this store, its awesome to support a small store which specializes in "Personal Service" and being small enough to care.

They are in my oppinion the best and most jacked store in joburg and deserve a mention.

Ive been to most stores in joburg and never have I experienced service on this level.


Plus they stock the AWESOME fox flux helmet.
infernox2007-07-16 02:08:30
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Nice one guys, this makes a pleasant change from the sometimes apathetic attitude from a number of businesses 

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Mikes is my LBS and I have to agree with you there !!


After the PMC MTB race earlier this month, I stopped off on the way home to ask them a question about the thin layer of oil on my fox shock after it had been serviced.


I mentioned that I wasn't happy with my back brake and within 2 minutes the bike was on the stand. The pads were then whipped out, deglazed,  Copper Slip applied and pads re-inserted. Problem fixed and all this after 12 on a Saturday morning !







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they service road bikes, but dont stock road bikes as standard.

i would only get my bike serviced there whether it was road or mtb.


you dont realize how badly your bike gets built untill it squeeks and they tell you whats actaully wrong.


Im not even going to solomons for my free service.
infernox2007-07-16 02:39:13
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Everyone knows that I share these positive sentiments about Mike's Bikes, glad to hear that these stories are spreading, not just one "moment of brilliance". No store is perfect and I know there have been some bad experiences, but the number of positive experiences is a good thing.

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Well done Mike! I've been recommending them to everyone! Excellent service, friendly staff and willingness to go the extra mile really does help.



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On Sunday's ride, I 'burped' my rear tyre. When we pumped it up a bit, we succeeded in breaking the inner thread of the valve (darn Presta valves!)


Seeing as I'm racing this weekend, I was hoping Mikes Bikes could just remove the inner thread and put in a new one, but with a Stans conversion, this could be tricky.


Brendon took the bike in on Tuesday night, and Jason fixed it whilst he waited! No fuss, no hassle, no charge. This is really service above and beyond what I expected. Well done!
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